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The Artists of GOOEY

Here at GOOEY, we like art. Unfortunately, we are very poor. Unfortunatelier, art can be very expensive. Thus, we at GOOEY must be at least somewhat resourceful when acquiring art. For the Spring 2023 issue, we cut costs by using stock images for the thumbnails of our stories, interviews, and non-fictions. These were collected through the shifty means of using multiple email addresses to subscribe to multiple free trials at multiple stock art selling websites (and then deleting those accounts after we ran out of free stock downloads). This incredibly cheap method of gathering art (in terms of money, but definitely NOT time), allowed us to use more of our budget to throw at hard-working and talented artists.


As you can see, we were able to acquire the gorgeous, and somewhat disturbing piece "UH-OH," created by Kate Apland, which we've used as the face of the inaugural GOOEY issue. With our leftover change, we were able to huck a few loonies (but mostly quarters and nickels) at Evan Shumka for a bunch of doodles he sketched while he was supposed to be learning how to write poetry. I'm almost certain he'll write something about these random scribbles being, in their relation to his poetry class, poetry themselves. Don't buy it folks. He was just procrastinating. And you know what? WE PAID HIM REAL MONEY FOR IT. I personally spent about 25 hours combing through stock photos so that we could afford to pay Evan for his procrastination doodles. The moral of the story? Become an artist. Artists are clearly swimming in cash, stumbling into money for random drawings they make during poetry classes. Anyways, GOOEY loves art and aspiring artists, yada-yada, even if they made it when they should have been paying attention to their professor.

By Kate Apland 

Making UH-OH was really a cathartic experience. I used its making as a sort of break from day to day life. When school got to be too much, making it was like taking a step back, letting my brain spill for a while, only increasing the weirdness of the whole piece.

Specific Images by Evan Shumka

Specific Images
By Evan Shumka

"Specific Images" is a collage of doodles from my notebook. They were drawn during poetry classes in the fall of 2021. This makes the doodles poetry by association. 

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